Questions & Answers

Why are you doing this now?

This committee was formed this fall in response to a resolution passed by the Faculty Council. MU leaders determined that a representative group should work together to explore this aspect of university history and consider what a potential acknowledgement might look like.

How long will you be seeking public feedback?

Public feedback will be accepted as long as the committee is meeting. The process should take several months.

What is the make-up of the committee?

The committee represents a wide range of individuals from the Mizzou community, including students, faculty, staff, alumni and historical experts.

What happens next?

The group began its work in fall 2018 and the process will likely take several months. The group is creating committees to delve into the various aspects of collecting historical information, exploration of perspectives, the development of ideas for a remembrance (either physical or otherwise) and how best to focus the group on the ultimate goal: to enhance knowledge and recognition of the university’s history in the Mizzou community. Any recommendations the committee makes will be reviewed by the chancellor. Ultimately, any decision about creating and installing a physical addition to campus must be approved by the Board of Curators.

Who would pay for a physical representation of history if it was recommended?

If the university community decides to move forward with a plan, philanthropic efforts would be launched to support the costs of the new addition to campus.