Model Bylaws for Committees

  • The bylaws of the Committee should
    • Be in place and shareable, or
    • the Committee must create them
  • Bylaws of the Committee (MS Word Version)
  • Article 1: Committee Name
  • Article 2: Purpose (Charge)
    This committee exists to perform the functions set forth in its charge, which may be amended from time to time
  • Article 3: Operation and Conduct
    The committee shall operate and conduct its business in a manner consistent with these Bylaws, along with University of Missouri regulations and policies. The committee will follow parliamentary rules set forth in the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, unless such rules conflict with either these Bylaws or University regulations or policies. 

    The Committee need not, however, adhere to formal parliamentary procedure when such practice is not helpful or practical. 

    The purpose of the Procedural rules is to ensure that a minority can be heard and that a majority can make decisions.  The Committee will operate with those principles in mind.
  • Article 4: Membership
    The membership of this Committee is set forth in campus policy. Members shall each have one vote, including anyone appointed as a liaison by another campus body. Members appointed as a designee by a university official or serving as ex-officio members shall not vote.
  • Article 5: Officers
    The Committee shall have one chair or two co-chairs, selected according to campus policy.
    The chair or co-chairs will preside over meetings of the Committee and will communicate on behalf of the committee with the Faculty Council, and the Office of the Chancellor, and other constituent groups and university leaders. 
    When necessary, the chair or co-chair may designate another member to perform the chair’s duties in the chair’s absence.
    Each year, the chair or co-chairs will submit an annual report on behalf of the Committee to the Faculty Council and the Office of the Chancellor. 
    Annual reports will be posted on the Campus Standing Committees’ website.
  • Article 6: Meetings
    The Committee shall meet monthly during the academic year unless good cause justifies a different level of frequency. 
    A quorum to conduct Committee business shall be a simple majority of all members.
    The chair or co-chairs shall circulate an agenda to Committee members in advance of each meeting, preferably at least 24 hours in advance.
    The Chair or co-chairs shall designate a member to take minutes at each meeting of the Committee. 
    Minutes will be approved at subsequent meetings. 
    Absent good cause for secrecy, approved minutes will be posted to the Committee website. 
    Minutes will indicate, among other things deemed appropriate by the Committee, (1) which members attended a meeting, (2) which guests presented at a meeting, (3) votes taken by the Committee.
  • Article 7: Amendments
    Amendments and updates to these Bylaws may be proposed by Committee members and require a simple majority vote to approve. Documentation should include the effective date.
    Redlined copies of changes should be stored in the committee’s digital files.
    Once bylaws are approved, they should be stored in a digital folder accessible to all members. 
    This digital folder can also contain meeting agendas, minutes, annual reports, and other committee documents, ensuring continuity of operations when membership changes.
    Committees with access to confidential records should be sure that their shared folders are appropriately secured.