Committee Minutes Template

Committee Meeting MINUTES Template (MS Word Version)

Meeting Minutes
Day, Date, Time


Consider using a sign-up sheet, pre-printed then list names here. 

Minutes and agenda:

Approval of minutes – committee approves previous minutes.

Agenda – The chair should ask if the agenda has been reviewed and if the committee approves (send 24 hours in advance)

Guests: (if applicable)
NAME, Title, Topic of Presentation

  1. Main Point A
  2. Main Point B
  3. Is any follow-up required?

Action Items (vote):

Major Topics Discussed or introduced for a future vote (should be added to next agenda)

Did the committee vote on any changes?  What is the result?

Are there follow-up on items from previous meetings?

Committee Reports:

Are there sub-committees?   Did they report?

What progress was made?

Date & Time of Next meeting

Time Meeting Adjourned:

Respectfully submitted,