University Faculty Committee on Tenure


This committee can serve “in the place and stead of the Campus Committee [on Tenure] where a case is transferred” and “hold hearings involving personnel holding systemwide rather than campus, academic staff appointments.”

Regulatory Authority

This committee is described in UM CRR 310.050 (Faculty Committees on Tenure).


The University Faculty Committee on Tenure is a UM System body “composed of two members from the regular academic staff of each campus of the University.” Faculty Council selects the faculty members from the MU campus.

Liaisons from

Not applicable

Liaisons to

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Pursuant to the CRR, “The President annually shall appoint from among the elected Committee members a chairman pro tempore, who, if a meeting is necessary, shall call the first Committee meeting, at which time the Committee shall elect from among its members a chairman.”

Staff Support

Provided by Office of the Provost.


This committee is distinct from the Campus Faculty Committee on Tenure, which is convened in case where a tenured member of the faculty is being considered for dismissal for cause.