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Our university is on a path to create a comprehensive method for evaluating teaching effectiveness, which will align to a meaningful recognition and reward structure for distinction in teaching.

The Office of the Provost and Faculty Council have convened the Task Force to Enhance Learning and Teaching (TFELT), to leverage the findings of MU committees that have come before them, and consider successful implementation models from peer institutions. TFELT has three main goals:

  1. To propose a campus-wide multi-measure approach for the evaluation of teaching
  2. To propose a system to support, recognize, and incentivize teaching excellence
  3. To establish a plan to measure the long-term impacts of these changes on student learning and success

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TFELT welcomes your input and feedback as part of a process to foster effective teaching on campus that involves the entire MU community. Please use the following link to communicate your questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions.

If you are willing to provide us some information about you someone on our team to provide you a personalized follow-up response. However, providing personal identity information is optional, and unnecessary if you would feel more comfortable contacting us without providing such information. Your honest, candid contributions to this effort are valuable, and we want everyone to be able to share without feeling vulnerable.

Task Force Members


TFELT’s charge has grown out of a number of past inquiries by task forces on campus and across the UM System. These past efforts inform our current work. We invite you to examine these resources as our community considers how best to assess, support and reward teaching for learning on campus.


Work in Progress

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