Campus Faculty Committee on Tenure


The Campus Faculty Committee on Tenure will be convened only in cases where a tenured member of the faculty is being considered for dismissal for cause.

Regulatory Authority

Information about this committee is set forth in UM CRR 310.050 (Faculty Committees on Tenure); CRR 310.060 (Procedures in Case of Dismissal for Cause), and CRR 300.010.K (Faculty Bylaws of the University of Missouri-Columbia).


The Committee shall be composed of members elected by the faculty of colleges and schools that are headed by deans who report to the provost for academic affairs. The faculty of each such college or school shall be entitled to have one single elected member of the University of Missouri-Columbia Faculty Committee on Tenure at any given time.

Liaisons from

Not applicable

Liaisons to

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Selected by the Committee when it convenes.

Staff Support

Provided by Office of the Provost.


Not applicable