Tenure Probationary Extension Committee


The Committee shall review and offer advice on requests for entensions of the tenure probationary period for faculty members who encounter circumstances that may substaintially interrupt thier ability to make progress toward tenure. Possible reasons include “pregnancy, serious illness, or care of an invalid or seriously ill spouse, partner, child, or other close dependent. Other reasons may be considered.”

Regulatory Authority

Information about this committee appears in UM CRR 310.025 (Extension of Probationary Period for Faculty on Regular Term Appointment), which provides that “Chancellors are encouraged to appoint a faculty committee to review and offer advice on requests for extensions of the probationary period.” Previous authority appeared at Executive Order No. 26.


5 faculty members (selected by Faculty Council)

Liaisons from

Not applicable

Liaisons to

Not applicable


Selected by Faculty Council, after consultation with the Committee.

Staff Support

Provided by Office of the Provost.


Not applicable