Campus Standing Committee Support Guide

What does staff support look like within the new campus standing committee structure? The baseline is below.


  • Create meeting schedule for entire academic year working with committee chair and member schedules
  • Zoom/virtual meetings; create links for virtual meetings; Chair must host meetings
  • In seat meetings; secure room reservations for each meeting as needed

Committee membership


  • Create, set up and organize Canvas page if desired by Chair

Canvas is a cloud-hosted learning management platform that houses digital tools and content for a simpler and more connected communication experience. For more detailed Canvas information please visit: Canvas | Keep Learning -UM System eLearning.

Using a Canvas page allows the committee to (1) work and communicate with members, as all can post and share comments, by meeting date, (this also helps aid in keeping personal email uncluttered), (2) post the meeting schedule, (3) have all relevant supporting documents needed for each meeting sorted by meeting date, (4) have tools present for any virtual voting needs, (5) refer quickly to any discussion item for current or previous meeting. NOTE: must have an active University pawprint in order to access Canvas.

Canvas is a remarkable tool and resource. Utilizing it in this fashion maintains organized simple committee function and organization.