Student Affairs Committee


The Student Affairs Committee will advise University leaders on matters related to student life, including student organizations, student housing, student health, student recreation, and student conduct.

Regulatory Authority

Not applicable


  • 10 faculty members (selected by Faculty Council)
  • 6 staff members (selected by Staff Council)
  • 4 undergraduate students (selected by MSA)
  • 4 graduate or professional students (selected by GPC)
  • Liaison chosen by: Student Conduct Committee
  • Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (or designee)

Liaisons from

Liaison chosen by: Student Conduct Committee

Liaisons to

Not applicable


One co-chair elected by Faculty Council from among its own members (this person will serve on Faculty Council Executive Committee); one co-chair selected by the committee membership.

Staff Support

Provided by Division of Student Affairs.


Motions may be sent from this committee to faculty Council in one of two ways: (1) majority vote of full committee membership, or (2) majority vote of faculty members on the committee.