Committee for Persons with Disabilities


The charge to the Committee for Persons with Disabilities is to advise University leaders on MU programs, services, and policies that affect students, faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities. The Committee also reviews applications for funds related to projects designed to improve the campus experience of persons with disabilities and makes recommendations about the disbursement of these funds.

Regulatory Authority

Not applicable


  • 6 faculty members (selected by Faculty Council)
  • 4 staff members (selected by Staff Council)
  • 4 undergraduate students (selected by MSA)
  • 1 graduate or professional student (selected by GPC)
  • Designees from the following University units: • Athletics • Counseling Center • Disability Center • Human Resources • Inclusion, Diversity & Equity • Information Technology • Operations • Student Affairs

Liaisons from

Not applicable

Liaisons to

This committee will appoint a liaison to the Academic Affairs Committee, and the Facilities, Buildings, and Grounds Committee.


Selected by Faculty Council, after consultation with the Committee.

Staff Support

Provided by Disability Center and Division of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity.


Not applicable