Non-Tenure Track Faculty Committee


To assess and make recommendations to University leader regarding new and revised policies and practices affecting non-tenure track faculty holding a ranked faculty title.

Regulatory Authority

Not applicable


14 Ranked Faculty Representatives

  • One representative selected by each of MU’s schools and colleges
  • One representative selected by Extension
  • One representative selected by MU Libraries
  • One representative selected by The MU Faculty Council on University Policy, serving as liaison to the council
  • Ex-Officio member, Provost Designee, non-voting

See membership here.

Liaisons from

Not applicable

Liaisons to

Not applicable


Selected by the Committee from among its elected members.

Staff Support

Provided by Office of the Provost.


If the MU faculty enacts reforms to the process by which Faculty Council members are elected, such that school and colleges elect Council members without regard to NTT or T/TT status, this committee will consider whether it should dissolve.