Library Committee


The charge to the Library Committee is to make recommendations to University leaders concerning the continued improvement of the library collection and library services, along with academic matters related to library policies and programs.

For the 2023-2024 Academic Year, the Library Committee will focus on the physical library spaces, including evaluation of the adequacy of physical study spaces, concern over the safety of the students and staff especially during overnight hours, and the security of the collections. We will of course continue to advocate for adequate funding for journal collections and expansion of the library’s print and eBook holdings.

Liaisons, Chairs, Staff Support:

Designees appointed from:
Designees appointed to:
The committee will appoint a liaison to the Academic Affairs Committee.
Selected by Faculty Council, after consultation with the Committee.
Staff Support:
Provided by MU Libraries.
Annual Report 2022-2023
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By-Laws of the Library Committee


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