MU History Working Group Members

Kiessence Bassett, Four-Front Co-Chair

Titus Blackmon, Sr. Director of Advancement for IDE

Velma Buckner, Coordinator of the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center

Chris Campbell, Executive Director of Boone County Historical Society

Jackie Carney, Staff Advisory Council Rep.

Kathryn Chval, Professor of Education

Chelsea Drake, Coordinator of the Multicultural Center

Justin Dyer, Professor of American Politics, Kinder Institute

Keona Ervin, Assistant Professor of African-American History

Kamrhan Farwell, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Holly Graham, LBC Communications Chair

Rebecca Graves, Educational Services Librarian (HS Library)

Casandra Harper Morris, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, College of Education

Berkley Hudson, Professor of Journalism

Michael Jobson, Four-Front Co-Chair

Gary Kremer, Director of State Historical Society of Missouri and Adjunct Professor of History

April Langley, Chair, Department of Black Studies

Lyrrisa Lidsky, Dean of the School of Law

Todd McCubbin, Executive Director of the University of Missouri Alumni Association and Associate Vice Chancellor of Alumni Relations

Tyler Page, Director, Residential Life

Clark Peters, Chair, Faculty Council

Tori Schafer, President, GPC

Caleb Sewell, LBC Vice President

Gary Smith, Director Emeritus of Admissions and Registrar

Bill Stackman, Vice Provost, Student Affairs

Marshall Stewart, Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement

Anthony Tretter, MSA President

Jim Van Dyke, Associate Professor of Art History

Gary Ward, Vice Chancellor of Operations

Justin Wartella, Assistant Teaching Professor in Parks, Recreation and Sport

Jennifer Wentz, Assistant Teaching Professor and Director of Internships in Parks, Recreation and Tourism

Preston Wilson, Grad Student, Honors College

Donell Young, Director, Inclusion Administration