Campus Space Committee


The Campus Space Committee will advise University leaders on the use of use of campus buildings by academic units and other campus units. It will make recommendations about movement of personnel from one building to another, the use of fee money to support capital improvements, and how units might adapt to resource allocation models by changing their use of campus space.

Regulatory Authority

Not applicable


See membership here.

Liaisons from

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Liaisons to

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  • One co-chair selected by Faculty Council from among MU faculty (need not be a Council member)
  • One co-chair selected by the committee membership.

Staff Support

Provided by Office of Vice Chancellor for Operations.


Soon after its creation, this committee will adapt as necessary existing Student Fee Capital Improvements Committee policies concerning allocation of funds generated by the capital improvements portion of the student activities fee. It will also update the website that explains how campus entities may apply for such funding, ensuring that the process is clearly explained.


Annual Report 2021-2022