Budget Committee


The Budget Committee will advise University leaders on all aspects of the campus budgeting process in support of the University’s core missions of teaching, research, and service, and it will support the priorities established through strategic planning. The Committee will advise on operational planning, appraisal of resource needs, and the distribution of resources through allocation models. It will coordinate the work of any campus task forces needed for the Committee’s mission.

Regulatory Authority

Not applicable


See membership here.

Liaisons from

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Liaisons to

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  • One co-chair elected by Faculty Council from among its own members (this person will serve on Faculty Council Executive Committee)
  • One co-chair selected by the the Vice Chancellor for Finance (this person will count as one of the two designees listed in the membership list).

Staff Support

Provided by Office of Vice Chancellor for Finance.


This committee will supervise the work of RAM committees, and it may amend the charges of those committees from time to time. Budget Committee members should each expect to serve on one RAM committee. Those committees will also have members not serving on the Budget Committee. NOTE: Motions may be sent from this committee to Faculty Council in one of two ways: (1) majority vote of full committee membership, or (2) majority vote of faculty members on the committee.


Annual Report 2021-2022