Advising Council


The charge to the Advising Council is to make recommendations to the provost and undergraduate deans regarding academic advising of undergraduates at MU, including

  • The definition, interpretation, implementation and coordination of university policies
  • Identification of inconsistencies in the application of those policies
  • Recommendations regarding improvement of advising policies and procedures
  • Assessment of existing and development of new information about undergraduate advising on the Web


  • One representative of each undergraduate academic advising unit to be appointed by the undergraduate dean, dean or director of that division
  • One representative of the University Registrar
  • One representative of the Total Person Program
  • One representative from Advisors Forum appointed by and reporting back to the executive committee of that group
  • One student representative of the Missouri Students Association
  • Director of academic advising in the Student Success Center, Chair

All representatives must have both the knowledge and the authority to speak for their academic units on undergraduate advising and policy issues.

Representatives will be appointed for a three-year term, with no more than half the membership being renewed each year.

At the end of each representative’s three-year term, the chair of the committee will contact the dean, associate dean or director of the division and ask him/her to appoint a representative for the next term.

Deans should be encouraged to reappoint the same representative when possible to maintain consistency.


Rachel Cobb Orr (CHAIR)
M110 Student Success Center
Shannon Ferguson (ACCTCY)
303 Cornell Hall
Term Expires: 8/31/21
Allie Teagarden (BUS)
111 Cornell Hall
Term Expires: 8/31/121
Megan McCauley (CAFNR)
2-64 Agriculture Building
Term Expires: 8/31/21
Nick Balser (ENGR)
W1006 Lafferre Hall
Term Expires: 8/31/21
Pete Ozias (JOURN)

76 Gannett Hall
Term Expires: 8/31/19
Kris Wingo (Admissions)

230 Jesse Hall
Term Expires: 8/31/21
Elizabeth Ball (ADVRS FRM)
101 Lewis Hall
Term Expires: 8/31/19
Cecelia Olivares (TRF INITVS)
M110 Student Success Center
Term Expires: 8/31/20
Keri Gilbert
11 Jesse Hall
Term Expires: 8/31/21