Academic Affairs Committee


The Academic Affairs Committee will advise University leaders on matters relating to the University’s curriculum and academic policies. Its work will include the annual academic calendar and revision of campus academic policies and regulations. It will coordinate its work with that of campus bodies charged with making decisions about the curriculum.

Academic Affairs Committee Charges for 2023-2024:
Inter-semester Subcommittee Charges:

  1. Annual Renewal of the Test Optional Admissions Policy
  2. New Course Evaluation Tool Review Process
  3. Survey Process of Revision of Record (RoR) / Academic Appeals Processes
  4. “Honors by Contract” Courses

Intra-semester Subcommittee Charges:

  1. Resolving the removal of the “Observer” from Canvas LMS courses
  2. Dead Week / Finals Week Revisions ==> Re-imagining Finals Week
  3. Grade Replacement Policies
  4. Establishing a policy promoting an expectation that faculty utilize the CANVAS LMS in every MU course
  5. Instituting a Fall Break

Liaisons, Chairs, Staff Support:

Designees appointed from:
Academic Advising Leadership Council
Committee for Persons with Disabilities
Committee on Undergraduate Education
Library Committee
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Undergraduate Deans
Designates appointed to:

One co-chair elected by Faculty Council from
among its own members (this person will serve on Faculty Council Executive Committee); and one co-chair selected by the members of the committee.
Staff Support:
Provided by Office of the Provost

Annual Report 2022-2023
Previous Annual Reports

Motions may be sent from this committee to
Faculty Council in one of two ways, by
(1) majority vote of full committee membership
(2) majority vote of faculty members on the committee.